Throughout January 2019, we will be updating the statfreaks website. We will add new features to the member’s area and perform some maintenance.

New Features:

  • Jockey Stats Profile – (Now Available 7/01/2019)
    • Downloadable daily report, for key rider’s.
    • Available under members tab to paid subscribers
    • Selected profiles for the rider’s that are riding well above benchmark and are predicted to score well in the jockey challenge markets.
  • Greyhounds Data Files – (Now Available 7/01/2019)
    • Daily alongside the existing SFR PDF Reports
    • CSV formatted.
    • Available for download to paid subscribers.
  • Greyhound NSW – (Now Available 7/01/2019)
    • Added to existing greyhound subscription.
    • Greyhound subscription will cover the main race meetings in NSW and VIC.
  • Data Stand-out Report – (Now Available 7/01/2019)
    • Daily, emailed out to paid subscription users.
    • Automatically emailed out to paid subscribers in PDF format.
    • 1 to 10 runners maximum for the current day.
  • Excel to CSV Files: – (Now Available 7/01/2019)
    • Existing SFR data files for horse racing changed to CSV Excel format.
  • Past SFR Data:  (In Progress)
    • Bulk Zip files for the previous months SFR data will be available for purchase via our online store.


  1. Google+ Login – Updated to Blue Icon and latest version.
  2. Email Lists – Optimized and improved under personal profiles. (Now Available 7/01/2019)
  3. Twitter Login – Added to the login screen.

Outage Windows:

Our target time-frame for maintenance is between 10 pm and 3 am Monday – Friday. Throughout January 2019 the stat-freaks website will be placed into maintenance mode regularly during these periods to apply enhancements and updates.