We have identified two jockeys riding on the 21/12/2018 where the statistical data aligns with there upcoming rides.


James Mcdonald’s profile is solid today; the data suggest that most of his rides will settle near the rear of the field where he performs well above the benchmark standard. He has a total of 9 ride’s and will be hard to beat in today’s jockey challenge. Jame’s rides on “Hemmerle”, “Revenire”, “Spectroscope” and “Schubert” rate well on our SFR ratings.

We predict James Mcdonald to score between 9 and 16 jockey challenge points.


Todd Pannell has an excellent profile and consistently ride’s above benchmark across all race distances when settled anywhere in the field. “I’m Bulletproof” in race 4 aligns nicely with Todd’s profile. “Go the journey” also match up well in race 7.

We predict Todd Pannell to score between 5 and 9 jockey challenge points.

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