Doncaster Day is one of the days I have the longest memories of. Maybe its the name, but I remember my Dad explaining to me as a kid how other Group 1 miles could be won by longer or shorter distance horses who were having a crack. But not the Doncaster, it could only be won by the best miler. The best combination of tank and power, that could navigate a large and aggressive field. When you look at this year’s Doncaster, Waller, Waller, Waller. Its all Waller. My theory is that the data will find the best miler, and the Waller horses will be too concerned with their stable mates to run the right race. The data suggests that most of the higher rated horses will come from the middle and rear of the field, and the leaders that will make the race an honest pace won’t count for much. Given this is race 9, we need to watch on the day to see what they can win from. Important to know if the rear of the field have any chance in the earlier races. Really like the look of Cascadian after such a good win last week. They took off before the bend in that race, and he came from absolutely nowhere, through the middle of the field, to win. Its the type of run that could win this race. Among the more fancied chances, really like the look of Brandenberg. After Brutal winning last year from a similar profile, Brandenberg looks to sit midfield and power to the line in the same fashion. So if the back markers have no chance, then his stocks rise. The other call outs are Kolding and Homesman that look strong in the right areas. Enjoy the race.

Good Luck


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