Royal Randwick – 06/04/2019

Royal Randwick Race 9

Such a great Doncaster Field. Longer distance vs shorter distance vs milers. Internationals vs local locals. Top weight vs flyweights. Big name riders vs little name riders. Short backups vs freshen ups. Wet trackers vs dry trackers. Waller vs non-Waller. Massively wide open. Good data quality tells us a softer pace with a majority of the field looking to take it easy. Many of the strong chances will lob mid to the front of the field, but by race 9, who knows where the best spot will be. Kluger could throw something up, Fifty Stars has to overcome the car park, Fundamentalist has to overcome racing the big boys, Brutal has to recover from his last run. The only suggestion from the data is that there will be many that are looking to take up the rear, and only a few wanting to lead. What does this mean? Anything really. It might mean that you need to be on pace off the fence with a strong middle section – Fifty Stars, Fundamentalist, Unforgotten, Hartnell and Kluger. It might not. That’s why they give you odds.

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1 Hartnell Love this horse and Bowman the strongest rater in the race. One of the few genuine milers from a strong stable. The data suggests he runs an honest race off the speed and sticks in to the line. Not sure if he wins, but he makes the media.
2 Le Romain Very consistent and this is probably his target. Should jump well and push for the lead, but he data says he will find it a bit tougher late.
3 Alizee Drawn to take up the rear as she likes and has a decent turn of foot to be in the finish.
4 Land Of Plenty Really hoping he can run well, which would mean that he can’t get too far back. Data says that he will and he will find it tough.
5 Dreamforce Should fly early and Lane might control the tempo from the front. Data says he flicks the bails at the turn.
6 Dixie Blossoms Love her work this prep and doesn’t mind a soft track. Can provide an even pace to the line, but the draw doesn’t help.
7 Shillelagh Lover her consistency, and she has drawn well. Unfortunately for her Randwick isn’t Flemington. Should close well but not enough to trouble the scorers.
8 Kluger Intriguing international with limited data. Could run and even race, and if enough clean air to get space early, could cause some bother. Value.
9 Widgee Turf Data has him closing strong but from further back. Likes the softer track, but the different going in this field might not give him the luck he needs.
10 Unforgotten Strongest turn of foot in the race and should close hard. Only question is if she is knocked around too hard at the start. Value.
11 Life Less Ordinary First up on the preferred track for Waller. Up to something. He can fly home but will be well back in the field. By Race 9 it might be too much to ask.
12 Eckstein She doesn’t mind a soft track, but data doesn’t suggest she will have fun.
13 Aloisia Data has her out the back of the field but closing with the rest of the field. Turn of foot doesn’t give her enough to make an impact.
14 Siege Of Quebec Data has him jumping well to a mid field position and holding a mid field position to the line. Soft track doesn’t help.
15 Fifty Stars Solid performer that has to battle the draw. Should tuck in mid field and come home hard. If the chewed up soft track doesn’t favour the rails, will be very strong.
16 I Am Serious Yet another Waller runner with a good soft track record. No KPIs in her favour, but that’s what Waller does.
17 So Si Bon Like him but a long time between drinks. Doesn’t appear to be the race that he shows up.
18 Fundamentalist Strong turn of foot and she is running very well. Should fly the gate and have every chance if it’s a soft pace. Value.
20 Brutal Won’t know himself carrying the weight, and the Boss doesn’t saddle up for no reason. Might have to burn it early for his desired lead, but he’ll have the trip.
21 Violate Not the worst in the field, but is likely to get out of sorts at the jump.
22 Fierce Impact Data suggests he will remember this race from the box seat to see it all unfold. Wide draw, wide swing, wide finish.
23 Ringerdingding Data suggests he doesn’t want to get a run in this race. Can fly home, but this class is the question.
24 Seaway If he can get a run, he’ll be the sprinter in the marathon. TV time might be worth while though.

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