Horse Racing Excel Race Card Template FAQ and Updates


Welcome to the “Horse Racing Excel Race Card Template” frequently asked questions and updates page. The “Race Card Template” is an excel macro file we have created to allow members to organize our predictive horse racing ratings data in a easy, readable format via Microsoft excel.

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Future Feature Request

Last Updated: 21/08/2020

Below are a list of features that have been requested by our VIP members.

  • Ability to enter final placing into the template.
  • Additional column added next to horse name to allow for custom comment entry.
  • Ability to refresh data, without impacting past adjustments and commentary.
  • Automatically create rated prices based of SFR column, with the ability to tune and adjust by the end user.
  • Function to export results and data into a single CSV for documentation and database import ability.
  • Function to retrieve up to date prices by clicking a refresh button.

If you would like to request a feature or have an idea, please contact us via our contact forum, or via the members support area.

*Requests are not in order of priority, and no timeframes are provided for each request unless listed otherwise.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need support and want to make a feature quest for the race card template2020-08-21T13:47:07+10:00
  1. For support requests for VIP members, please visit the Support Area under the “My Account” area, or click HERE.
  2. Support with excel training or windows support please contact VIT Solutions by clicking HERE.
What version of Windows and Excel do i need to run the race card template?2020-08-21T13:43:06+10:00

For all templates, you will required Windows 7 or newer, and Microsoft Office with Excel 2010 or newer installed.

How often are the race card templates updated?2020-08-21T13:47:46+10:00

We will try to provide updates at least every 3 to 6 months depending on the feedback we receive from members. The more feedback and feature requests we receive will determine how often we push through updates to the template.

Can I use the Race Card Template with the Free Data if I’m not a VIP member?2020-08-21T13:39:49+10:00

There are two answers to this question.

  1. Yes, if you were a previous VIP member and downloaded the Race Card Template, you can use the CSV file from the free area to load into the template, even if you cancel your VIP membership. You will not have access to support or the latest template updates until you re-subscribe as a VIP member.
  2. No, you can not download the Race Card template unless you are a VIP member.
How can i download the Horse Racing Race Card Excel Template?2020-08-21T13:35:38+10:00

To download the horse racing race card excel template, you will require an active monthly Horse Racing VIP membership. Click HERE to purchase a VIP Horse Racing Membership.

Change Log

  • Version 1.1 – August 2020
    • Added function to allow zoom to be set automatically for all race sheets from the control tab, without impacting data
    • Enabled ability for end user to perform conditional formatting on each race sheet, e.g. highlight horse specific colors.
    • Updated terms and conditions usage, now provided in a dedicated worksheet and removed from the control sheet.
  • Version 1.0 – July 2020
    • First initial release of the Horse Racing Template v1.0
    • added to download area for VIP Horse Racing Members



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