Latest updates and additional intel added to our Horse Racing Statistical Service, active as of 8/09/2020. Additional statistical virtual data tables will be added in September/November, 2020.

Horse Racing Ratings PDF Report

  1. Added Favorites Strike Rates to front cover, 2 year rolling (Current and previous year).
    • Win and place
    • Split by Sprint, Middle and Staying type races.
    • Also displayed on each race page, matching the Track and Distance of the race.
  2. Added Race Start Time (local time of state), displayed in top left corner.
  3. Added “SET” (Predicted Settling Position) column to PDF.
  4. Speed Map and Commentary area width increased
  5. Additional commentary added under “Commentary 2”
    • “Strong in our data models”
    • HWS: %, MWP: %”
    • Please view full glossary here for definition’s.

Horse Racing Ratings CSV Data Files

  1. Added an additional twenty (20) variables.
    • Race time
    • Distance and Distance Group
    • Jockey Analysis Variables
    • Favorite Strike Rates
    • Please view full glossary here for full list of all 20 variables and full definition’s.
Statfreaks Horse Ratings How to Guide

Excel Macro Race Card v1.1 available for download

    • We have created a Excel Macro Race card which can process our CSV files, into a race card excel template
      • Allows you to log your own rating, price and calculate profit and loss
      • Add notes for each runner and race.
      • Can be found under downloads in members area.
      • Password to open excel template is found within the PDF inside the zip file.